We are a creative studio that brings to light the sensation of space
via innovations in 3D visualizations and tangible models.
Serge Ecker
CEO / Creative Director
Take a look, our work conveys a true sensation of space
which stirs up a fresh perspective and fruitful impressions.
Fabian Zapala
Lead 3D Artist

What's new at Grid?




Luxtram pictures are finally online !



3D prints for the Musée national d'histoire naturelle are ready. You can check them out in the 3D print gallery.


Rotondes 2.0 exhibition (13.06.2015-28.08.2015)

The Rot ... more

Architectural Visualisations

These interior and exterior visualizations help present your design to potential clients in seemingly unlimited ways.

Thanks to our photorealistic visualization work, you’ll breathe vibrant life into your concepts. You’ll show your project in a true to life manner, taking into account variables such as the season and time of day. If your project includes a sunny living room or an airy kitchen, we’ll present it in a convincing light that’ll win over your potential client.

We'll assist you in creating a stunning atmosphere around your project, which will showcase the many benefits of your design. Among other settings, we can present your design in the day’s bright sunlight, or city’s lights at night.

Photomontage allows the ability to insert your project into a specially prepared image. As a result, we achieve the illusion of an ordinary photograph of an existing property. This is an essential service for those who are determined to show their project in an existing environment.

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Not everything can be easily imagined; some things you simply must see for yourself to wrap your mind around.

Photomontage allows the viewer to see a proposed property in its natural surroundings. This is an especially valuable service for those for whom the influence of the surrounding environment is a great priority.

In this imagery, the concept property in not the sole focal point, as the surround space and structures also play vital role.

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3d Printing

Simply put, 3D printing allows abstract ideas to become a physical reality. First, a digital 3D model is developed which can then be printing out, allowing you to present your client with a model that they can touch and explore.

These physical 3D models can consist of a single form or be complex objects, and are primarily utilized in the generation of architectural models, prototypes and art sculptures

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Drone & Photography

This new-age tool, can reach truly great heights and capture high-resolution videos and photos. Enabling us to view large areas of a city, specific structures, or to study terrain that is being considered for a project

Aerial photography’s ability to transcend boundaries is invaluable in the fields of advertising, visualization, and documentation. When combined with photomontage and 3D visualization techniques, this aerial technology allows for the creation of amazingly photorealistic results.

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Art & Technology

Brilliant concepts give rise to original art.

However, to enable these concepts to acquire their destined forms, it’s worthwhile to reach for tools that visualize these ideas by way of digital and physical models. We strive to provide artists with guidance, research, and the realization of their visions all within a healthy atmosphere of collaboration; ensuring that we never lose sight of the integrity of the concept originally developed by the artist.

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